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Are Beards Going Out Of Fashion?!

Take a walk around any town or city these days and you’re more than likely to see more than a handful of guys sporting a beard – whether it be some sharp, stylish stubble or a full on wizard level beard. These have been all the rage for some time now and there seems to be whispers and rumours floating around that the beard is going out of fashion.


Or is it? Has the beard run its course now? Is it time to dust off the razor and tidy ourselves up?

Working in a barber shop does make me slightly biased on this and with having a beard myself it does make me, as you probably guessed, very much pro-beard. There seems to be a growing request in the shop for beard trims and sculpts to help tidy, shape and sharpen up a beard, however this also goes hand in hand with an increase in bookings for a full wet shave. Earlier in the year we started to notice news articles from various online sources questioning whether beards had seen their prime days and were going out fashion this year and that a full clean shaven face was going to be the new peak of male grooming. Everybody has their own personal preference on facial hair, whether it be because of poor growth or advice from their better half, so it’s incredibly hard to say whether or not the overall trend is on its way out. However, in our professional opinion, the beard is still strong and will continue to grow in popularity!

Male grooming and fashion is growing year after year and facial hair is a very good way for a gentleman to define his image. Whether it’s some sharp and stylish stubble or a big bushy wizard beard it can be used to completely alter a man’s style and as a way of putting out a statement about how they want to be perceived by others. Facial hair gives men the opportunity to express themselves and ‘accessorize’ in ways they might not be able to otherwise. Combine this with the growing popularity of annual charity events such as Movember and Decembeard it gives men the perfect excuse to let their face fuzz go wild.

So, are beards on the way out? Not a chance!

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