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Father's Day Deals!

This Father's Day we've got a few deals on to help you pick the ideal gift for the Dapper Gent in your life, or better still to give you inspiration to drop hints to loved ones about what you want to receive!

There's 3 packages to choose from which we believe will help any gent sharpen their look and enhance their style, with 2 grooming packages for the 2 brands of products we stock and another one tailored specifically for the bearded man.

The first package is compiled from Muk products, our high end grooming products from Australia. With a choice of 6 different waxes ranging from hard matte wax to a super slick pomade there's an option for every hair style going. Combined with their signature beard oil (we reviewed this product in an earlier blog post) and a bottle of shampoo this is the ultimate care package for any style conscious man.

The second is a very similar package brought to you by Dear Barber, a British based brand creating stylishly package products with great quality and a nice price point to go with it! There's a slightly smaller choice of waxes with only 4 to choose from however the ones they do cover most, if not all, hair style requirements. Along with this you get a beard oil and shampoo that has an amazing smell to leave you looking and smelling like a true dapper gent!

The third is specifically targeted to the bearded gentleman looking to sharpen up his beard and have the ultimate care package to maintain and style it. The kit contains a beard brush by Alterego Italy, beard oil by Muk and moustache wax by Dear Barber. This will allow you to style and care for you beard using some fantastic products available on the market.

We're also just putting out a friendly reminder that you can get gift vouchers for all of our services, another great gift for Father's Day.

Details on all of these products can be found on the 'Products' section of the site.

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