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Back in January of 2015 an idea was hatched by our main Barber, Vern, in which he wanted to create a gents Barber Shop that men of all ages and walks of life could come in and relax to a variety of hair and beard treatments to transform them into the dapper gent they were born to be. By the end of March that year the shop was built and The Barber Shop Shrewsbury opened its doors to the men of Shrewsbury for their own tailor made styling experience.

With many years of hairdressing experience and training in traditional cut throat shaving Vern offered several different packages to any gent that walked through the doors, from a simple dry hair cut to a full wet shave experience for the ultimate in male treatments. Within just a few weeks The Barber Shop Shrewsbury developed a sterling reputation for not only the best quality service but also the friendliest and relaxed atmosphere of any gent’s hairdressers in the area.

Fast forward 12 months to March 2016 and The Barber Shop Shrewsbury has gone from strength to strength, building up a loyal customer base whilst still getting plenty of new clients in the through the door for our friendly walk in service. We’ve also now joined the 21st century with a Facebook, Instagram and now this new website! In addition to this we are now a team of 2 as I’ve joined the business as an apprentice making this a family run Barbers.

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