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First post!

I've never written a blog post before but seeing as we have a wonderful website to launch it felt like a good time to start one to give some nice active content for the site. So, bare with us whilst this learning curve of creating writing develops and hopefully give you all something of interest to read through.

I started working here 2 weeks ago and with no pervious barbering or hairdressing experience this was certainly a plunge into the unknown for me. That being said with this now being a father & son business there are a lot of benefits to his new venture and I can't wait to get myself stuck in and learn the dark arts. My first mission was to bring the company into the 21st century and get us a website, Instagram account and finally get us verified on Google. With this all out of the way it's time to work on promotion so we can get the business name out there around the town and surrounding areas so we can drum up more clients in the through the door.

This will most definitely be an 'on the job' learning experience taking lessons from our head barber, Vern. Keep reading through these posts as I update on my development here and hopefully do a few posts with reviews on products and services we provide.

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